For Instructors

Dashboards are instructor menus for each module. They contain links to all learner materials found in the modules as well as instructor materials, including: activity guides,  personnel preparation standards, OSEP indicators and outcomes, and downloadable versions of videos and audio clips. Visit the Instructor Supports section for additional supports for instructors.

Module 1: Embedded Interventions

Module 1 Embedded InterventionsModule 1 focuses on the practice of embedded interventions to help children participate in a variety of early learning opportunities and environments promoting high quality inclusion.

Module 2: Transition

Module 2 TransitionModule 2 focuses on practices to help support children and families as they transition among programs in the early care and education system.

Module 3: Communication for Collaboration

Module 3 Communication for CollaborationModule 3 focuses on communication practices that can be used to promote collaboration with professionals and families in early care and education, and intervention settings.

Module 4: Family-Professional Partnerships

Module 4 Family-Professional PartnershipsModule 4 focuses on practices related to building trusting family-professional partnerships when working with families of young children.

Module 5: Assistive Technology

Module 5 Assistive TechnologyModule 5 focuses on the practice of assistive technology interventions to help young children have access to and participate in their environment.

Module 6: Dialogic Reading Practices

Module 6 Dialogic Reading PracticesModule 6 focuses on the practice of dialogic reading to enhance early language and literacy development in young children.

Module 7: Tiered Interventions    

Module 7 Tiered InterventionsModule 7 focuses on the use of tiered instruction to promote social emotional development and academic learning in young children.