Module 7: Tiered Instruction

Learning Objectives

After completing the module and accompanying activities, you will be able to:

  • Describe effective tiered instruction related to social emotional development and academic learning for use with young children in early care and education programs.
  • Use a decision-making process to help integrate various sources of evidence and determine whether tiered instruction could be used to promote positive behaviors and academic learning in young children in early care and education programs.

Instructor Dashboard

Click on a step from the 5-Step Learning Cycle to view the description.

In Step 1, learners watch videos portraying the real world dilemmas of teachers who are wondering about the use of tiered instruction to promote social emotional development and academic learning in young children. Learners are asked to describe the dilemma in an activity following the video.

In Step 2, learners use a tool called PICO to turn the dilemma in Step 1 into an answerable question. The activity helps learners create a focused question that is answerable through research.

In Step 3, learners are presented with relevant sources of general evidence to consider in answering the question they posed in Step 2. Tiered instruction is a framework for linking assessment with instructional and behavioral supports that are matched to children’s learning needs.
Handouts of evidence are provided on research and a policy advisory related to tiered instruction. Learners listen to audio clips of administrators and a researcher sharing experience-based knowledge on tiered instruction.  Activities for learners to check their knowledge are provided throughout this Step.

In Step 4, learners listen to an audio perspective of those involved in the dilemma to gain a better understanding of the context.  In an activity, they integrate the general evidence from Step 3 with perspectives and contexts unique to the dilemma in Step 1 to make an informed decision.

In Step 5, learners review ways to evaluate the use of tiered instruction. 

Examples of specific formative assessment tools that can be used within tiered instruction are provided.