Step 1: Dilemma

In Step 1 you will hear and read about two perspectives on a practice dilemma. The dilemma is about a child’s participation in an inclusive setting viewed through the eyes of both the teacher and the family.

Meet Jackie. She is a teacher in an NAEYC accredited program that serves children birth through five years of age. Jackie’s program is a full-day, community child care center.  A three-year-old boy named Luke has recently joined her classroom.

Video 1.1: The teacher's viewpoint

Jackie, a teacher in a community-based childcare program shares a dilemma about including Luke, a 3 year old boy with developmental delays, in her classroom (running time: 1 min. 50 sec.).

Video 1.2: The family’s viewpoint

Christine, the mother of Luke, a 3 year old boy with developmental delays shares her view on a dilemma to include her son in a childcare program (running time: 2 min. 20 sec.).