Attending and Active Listening

Attending and active listening are effective communication strategies that can be used throughout the process of working together with professionals and families. Attending and listening actively convey respect and help you get to know people better.

Watch the video and look for examples of how the teacher used attending and active listening strategies.

Examples of Effective Communication

The goal in communicating with professionals and families is to build collaborative relationships.  The handouts in this section provide a list of effective communication strategies to help you do this. However, this isn’t a recipe book. As you use these strategies, it is important that you tailor your communication to each individual’s unique styles and preferences.

Video 3.3: Conversation with examples of attending and active listening

Andi, a Head Start teacher, and LeeMarie, a speech therapist, have a conversation about collaborating to address the learning goals of a 4-year-old child in Andi’s classroom. This is part one of a three-part conversation highlighting examples of attending and active listening communication strategies (running time 2 min. 38 sec.).