A. Consider Perspectives and Contexts

Step 3 helped you consider general sources of evidence about effective communication practices. Now you will need to think about that general knowledge in light of Shawanda’s and Ashley’s unique situation. To help recall the context for this dilemma, review the perspectives shared as part of Step 1: Dilemma. The following perspectives will help you gain a better understanding of Shawanda’s and Ashley’s values and beliefs about this particular situation.

Audio 3.4: Shawanda’s perspective (teacher)

A teacher in a childcare program shares her perspective on collaborating with other professionals in her classroom (running time: 0 min., 53 sec.).

Audio 3.5: Ashley’s perspective (speech therapist)

A speech therapist shares her perspective on working with children in classroom settings and collaborating with the teachers and families (running time 0 min., 47 sec.).