Developing an Initial Friendly Relationship – Beginning Ground

Developing a friendly relationship from the outset requires that practitioners foster comfortable interactions with families, characterized by ease and openness. The development of a friendly relationship occurs as practitioners demonstrate practices aligned with enhanced communication, high expectations, respect, commitment, equality, and advocacy.

Watch Video 4.4 of Clara, a practitioner, making an initial home visit with a mother. Then, discuss her initial interactions with families and reflect on her practices to start the relationship off on a positive note.

Next, watch the Video 4.5 of Libby, a teacher, and Kim, a parent to Ella, to observe and reflect on examples of practices related to developing an initial friendly relationship (beginning ground).

Video 4.4: Starting a relationship

Clara, a practitioner, makes an initial home visit with a mother and describes how to begin a family-professional partnership, especially working with families from different cultural backgrounds. (running time: 2 min. 37 sec.)

Video 4.5: Libby & Kim - Beginning ground conversation

Libby, a teacher in a child care center, and Kim, a parent of a 4-year-old girl (Ella), have a conversation about working together and learning from one another. This conversation highlights developing an initial friendly relationship (running time: 2 min., 35 sec.).