Making Shared Decisions – Middle Ground

A trusting partnership moves beyond a friendly relationship as practitioners and families have multiple opportunities to interact, exchange information, and share insights with each other in the process of shared decision-making. This evolution of trust occurs as practitioners demonstrate more sophisticated practices aligned with enhanced communication, high expectations, respect, commitment, equality, and advocacy. With the development of trust, conversations and information exchanges are easier and less guarded. This allows for more personal topics to be covered and for more candid exchanges.

Watch the video to identify and reflect on examples of practices related to making shared decisions.

Video 4.6: Libby & Kim - Middle ground conversation

Libby, a teacher in a child care center, and Kim, a parent of a 4-year-old girl (Ella), have a conversation about working together and learning from one another. This conversation highlights addressing challenging issues. (running time: 5 min. 02 sec.)