A. Consider Perspectives and Contexts

Step 3 provided an opportunity to consider general sources of evidence about engaging in partnership-oriented practices in order to develop trusting partnerships with families. Now you will need to think about what you learned in Step 3 in light of China and Aaron’s unique situation. To help you understand the contexts further, listen to their perspectives.

Use the information from these perspectives to describe the unique contexts in which this dilemma occurs in Activity 4.11a.

Audio 4.7: China’s perspective (little Aaron’s teacher)

China, a teacher in a child care center talks about her relationship with Aaron, the father of a 4-year-old in her classroom, and about how to express her concerns about little Aaron to him (running time: 0 min., 54 sec.).

Audio 4.8: Aaron’s perspective (little Aaron’s father)

The father of little Aaron, a 4-year-old boy in a preschool classroom, shares his thoughts on being involved in the classroom and his views on little Aaron’s teacher, China (running time: 0 min., 51 sec.).