Assistive technology equipment generally refers to items purchased--often through specialized vendors--to give children access to opportunities in all aspects of life. Examples of AT for young children include bath chairs and feeding tools, adapted toys with a switch interface, hearing aids, augmentative communication devices, wheelchairs, walkers, and standers.

Handout 5.2 provides examples of assistive technology equipment used with young children to increase and maintain communication, mobility, and self-help skills.

Video 5.4: Perl using a switch and stander

An adult uses two adaptations, a switch device and a box to all a preschool aged child to participate in a game with another child (running time 3 min. 20 sec).

Video 5.5 Max using a walker

An adult helps a child use a walker to get from the classroom to the playground (running 2 min. 19 sec.).