Giving Children Many Opportunities to Use Assistive Technology throughout the Day

Young children need to use AT equipment and adaptations in real tasks throughout each day in order to become effective and efficient.

Watch the following videos to view examples of children using AT in various routines throughout the day. Think about how AT allows these children to successfully participate in activities or routines where they might ordinarily struggle.

Video 5.9: Dress up time

A preschool aged child uses pictures and symbols to communicate with a teacher about the clothes and toys she wants in the dramatic play area (running time  1 min. 11 sec.).

Video 5.10: Nolan at bath time

A therapist shows a mother how to use and adapt everyday household items to help her child who has physical delays (running time 1 min. 33 sec.).

Video 5.11: Eating at Boston Market

A therapist shows a mother how to use a communication board with her daughter to ask for what to eat at a restaurant (running time: 42 sec.).