A. Consider Perspectives and Contexts

Now you will need to think about that general knowledge in light of Sophie’s and Ms. Mary’s unique situation. To help recall the context for this dilemma, review the viewpoints shared as part of Step 1. Then, listen to the following perspectives that will help you gain a better understanding of Sophie’s family’s and Ms. Mary’s values and beliefs about this particular situation.

Use the information from these perspectives to describe the unique contexts in which this dilemma occurs in Activity 5.10a.

Audio 5.4: Ms. Mary’s Perspective (family child care provider)

A child care provider of Sophie, a two-year-old with language and physical delays, discusses her feelings about using assistive technology and wanting to become more comfortable with using communication boards with Sophie.

Audio 5.5: Holly’s Perspective (Sophie’s mother)

The mother of Sophie, a two-year-old girl with language and physical delays, discusses her feelings about wanting to help Sophie communicate.

Audio 5.6: Karen’s perspective (speech therapist)

Sophie’s speech therapist shares her thoughts about working with Sophie and using assistive technology to help her communicate. She also talks about her willingness to work with Ms. Mary, Sophie’s child care provider, to make her more comfortable with using assistive technology.