Summary and Wrap Up

Let’s review what you have learned in Module 6 about how to use dialogic reading practices to help engage children during storybook reading.

  • In Step 1 you read about a practice dilemma related to Tenisha.
  • In Step 2 you turned this practice dilemma into an answerable question, with a focus on finding out whether using dialogic reading would be effective in engaging children during a read aloud and help to develop language and literacy skills.
  • In Step 3 you considered key sources of knowledge about dialogic reading, including the best available research evidence, policy recommendations, and experience-based knowledge.
  • In Step 4 you integrated these sources of evidence with Tenisha’s perspective to make an informed practice decision, and created a plan for implementing your decision.
  • Finally, in Step 5 you considered ways to evaluate the plan for using dialogic reading to engage children during storybook reading and to help develop language and literacy skills.

For more information about dialogic reading as well as interactive reading, you can view a video from Doing What Works: Interactive and Dialogic Reading in Preschool.

Video 6.11: Summary and Wrap Up

(running time: 8 min. 14 sec.)