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Buysse, V., Epstein, D., Winton, P., & Rous, B. (2012). CONNECT Module 7: Tiered Instruction [Web-based professional development curriculum]. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina, FPG Child Development Institute, CONNECT: The Center to Mobilize Early Childhood Knowledge. Available at



Thanks to Lise Fox, Judy Carta, Cathie Collie, and Sharon Palsha, who contributed to the content and development of the module.
We would also like to give special thanks to our experience-based knowledge experts: Jim Lesko, Lydia Carlis, and Doré LaForett. Thanks also to Caitlin Gallingane, and the children, families and staff at Baby Gator Child Development and Research Center, University of Florida.


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Pam Winton
Principal Investigator
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Virginia Buysse
Co-Principal Investigator
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Beth Rous
Co-Principal Investigator
University of Kentucky

Project Staff
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chih-Ing Lim
Project Coordinator 

Dale Epstein
Module Coordinator

Jonathan Green
Director of Electronic Communication

Cici Sidor
Instructional Technology and Media Specialist

Gina Harrison
Graphic Designer

Don Trull

University of Kentucky
Patricia Singleton
Instructional Design Specialist

Project Interns

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Anna Stagg
Graduate Research Assistant

Robert Ezekiel Hart
Research Assistant